Mindex Newsletter December 2018

Inside you will find a breakdown on version 17 and reviews on LIASA and SASSA as well as our User group meetings. It is near end of the year and we can take a look back on what has transpired and what we have learned. Things change and we have had to say goodbye to some dear friends who are retiring or have retired and some of us might be rushing to finish some last projects as 2019 is around the corner.

The year end does remind us as well that things do change and its a time for reflection. At Mindex we have had some fun and challenges from stock-taking and back-ups, updates and installations to hosting and server solutions in the information and library sector.

We want to take a moment to give gratitude to a year of growth, but we are already looking to 2019 with bright and exciting eyes. There is now such thing as standing still! Training schedules are confirmed and User group meetings are being planned. Our library module and menu screens are being tweaked and developed for 2019 releases.

A quest for another year of excellence in the library and information community lies ahead.

Best wishes from Mindex for the rest of the year!


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