Working Remotely with your Library Collection

Greetings from Mindex team

We are aware that many of you will be working from home while the pandemic curve of Covid-19 flattens and gets contained. As such we want to try and help you to maintain your work flow as much as possible during this period of physical distancing.

Working from home on your DB/Text/Genie

  • Please make sure that you will have access to your Company Intranet (not only Internet) from home.
  • Ask IT to setup a VPN or remote connection and you should be able to connect normally to your system keeping the following in mind:
  • Using your work laptop from home.
    • Genie users: You will need to have a connection to your company intranet.  Your normal URL will work and you will be fine to work from home.  IT will need to assist you to connect to your Intranet.
    • SALIB with WebPublisher: You will need a connection to your intranet from home.If you have DB/Text with Webpublisher, but your normal DB/Text does not work, you should be able to do basic capturing and editing from home through your Webpublisher.
    • DB/Text with SALIB only: If you only have a workstation setup on your laptop, you will need to install the full DB/Text on your laptop. We can supply you with a test version of DB/Text that will last for 30 days.
  • If you have a full DB/Text on your laptop installed then all you will need is a connection to the Server.  Make sure that you have access to your intranet from home and that your drive mappings are still connected to the server.  IT will need to assist you with this.
  • If you do not have a connection to your server:
    • You can install a test version of DB/Text on your laptop.  The test version will work for 30 days.  Request the link from our consultants.  You can make an empty copy of your database and copy this to your laptop. Use this database to capture records on and once you can go back to the office, you will export the records and import again.

Please contact us regarding installation links and setup instructions, we will be able to assist via telephone, email or skype and teamviewer as needed.