Inmagic Products


A multipurpose textbase management and search patform that gives you the ability to Design, Capture, Search and Protect your data.

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Design and publish DB/Text search and capture screens to the web. Access DB/Text texbases via an internet browsers.

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Inmagic Genie

Fully Web-based library management application running on either DB/TextWorks propriatary database or the SQL database technology.

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Inmagic Presto

The complete knowledge management application. Typical for managing a variety of information source types in an integrated whole.

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Add-Ons and Modules

MARC transformer

A converter to import MARC formatted records to DB/TextWorks or CS/TextWorks, or do MARC output from DB/Text or CS/Text records.

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Library Module

An advanced South African version of the Library Module. Provides a customisable ready-to-use library application.

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Stocktake Module

Scan your stock and update your catalogue records or pull preconfigured reports with the press of a button.

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Barcode printers and scanners

We can supply barcode printers and scanners compatible with Inmagic products.

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