What system configuration do you need?

The Inmagic suite of products allows various configurations to suit the different needs of different users and environments. You can always grow from the more simple solutions to the more advanced solutions - you are never painted into a corner. The look and feel stays the same - all applications guarantee you the very easy to use software and an effortless means of achieving your information delivery goals.

Your requirement
Software or application
One- to two person library
DB/TextWorks (1-node) with a Library module.
Multiple personnel library
DB/TextWorks (5-node) with a Library module.
Making the library catalogue and other databases available on the Intranet / Internet
WebPublisherPRO, DB/TextWorks (5-node) with a Library module.
Full web-based library system
Inmagic Genie (The Library suite)
The fully web-based library management system. Available on both DB/Text or SQL platforms. Ideal for organisations with geographically distributed libraries
DB/TextWorks with a museum application.
(Museum application customised to your needs)
DB/TextWorks with an archive application
(Archive application customised to your needs)
Information management and knowledge sharing
Inmagic Presto
Knowledge management or for managing diverse collections of information resources on a web based platform with Web feeds, RSS feeds, blogs - knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Please note: The above are just examples: please call us to discuss your specific situation so that we can identify the optimum solution for you in your environment.