Lucidea Library Software Maintenance

Annual Software Subscription

The Annual Software Subscription is a subscription to be updated to the latest version; updating the system to the latest operating system changes as well as giving you access to technical support from Lucidea Inc. via Mindex.

Annual Software Subscription Renewal

Ensure that full payment is done before your expiry date. Contact for more information or an invoice.

Keep your Lucidea products up to date by subscribing to the Annual Software Subscription. Lucidea does not accept renewals after the expiration date.

You will receive all the upgrades while you are subscribed as soon as they are released. This means that you need not buy new versions of your software every time a new version is released.

Expired Subscription

If the subscription on your system has expired you can at any time start a new subscription. For that, you would need to give Mindex a well guessed date that you would be able to pay, as the renewal fee is calculated on the number of months that the system was not subscribed. This is called "lapsed subscription" and will give you the following:

  • Bring your system's version right up to the lates version, regardless of the original version
  • 12 months subscription, including all new versions and service packs
  • Hotline telephone support from Mindex
  • Access to Lucidea's technical support when needed
  • To get a quotation, please contact the office at for a quotation, and make sure you indicate the date that you will be able to pay, so that the cost calculation can be done.

To to find out more about the Annual Software Subscription or to obtain an Annual Software Subscription order form, please contact the office at