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Content Server is the generic name for the Lucidea product line running on SQL technology. Now renamed as DB/Text for SQL. It is abbreviated as "CS" - e.g. CS/TextWorks.

Costs For all product and services pricing please contact the office Contact us.

Courses. Learn more under Training.

CS/TextWorks is the database builder like DB/TextWorks. This product and application runs on SQL database technology. View Products.

CS/Workgroup is a bundled product that includes CS/TextWorks and CS/WebPublisher Pro. This product is now called DB/Text for SQL. View Products.

DB/Text for SQL is the database buildware. This allows users to create their own databases, database structures, search screens and report forms. The application creates its own SQL databases. No need for any SQL knowledge. View Products.

DBTextWorks is the database buildware. This allows users to create their own databases, database structures, search screens and report forms. View Products.

DB/Text Workgroup Consists of DB/Text 5-node plus a DB/Text WebPublisherPRO. View Products.

Essentia Products Customised products with limited users and features. Our Essentia program delivers outstanding value to smaller organizations or departments within larger companies. By leveraging the power, features, and benefits of our enterprise-class applications in a right-sized solution, Lucidea is able to provide the essential capabilities you need at a price you can afford.View Lucidea Essentia

GeniePlus All Genie clients will be upgraded to GeniePlus build on Lucidia Core. GeniePlus is the integrated library system (ILS) for specialized libraries. It combines the flexibility and usability of Inmagic Genie with the powerful features of our LucideaCore KM technology platform. View Products.

Inmagic Library Suite is the web based library management system, also called Genie. This product is available on both DB/Text WebPublisher platform as well as on SQL. View Products.

Hardware requirements Each specific product has a link to the "support matrix" showing the required operation systems and set-up.

LucidiaCore: LucideaCore is the information and knowledge management platform that powers our industry leading library automation View LucideaCore

New features You can suggest new developments in any of the Inmagic products by using the email State your company name, your name and motivate the development.

Presto: Inmagic Presto is a knowledge management platform that helps organizations capture, access and distribute information to improve effectiveness.View Products

Purchasing procedures Contact the office at or +27 12 976 0515.

SLA:Service Level Agreement View Support

Retainer Contracts: Mindex offers three levels of additional retainer contracts: Gold, Silver and Platinum. On this contract you are entitled to a number of hours for on site support, depending on the contract level.Retainer clients get preferential treatment. Gold, Silver and Platinum are only available at the three metropolitan areas of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. View Support

Upgrading? See the Annual software subscription page.. Upgrading is now called Annual Software Subscription and is a subscription for 12 months to all new developments, access to Inmagic's technical support and gives you compatibility to the latest operating systems.

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WebPublisher Now called WebPublisher PRO. View Products.