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Lucidea® DB/TextWorks® is a widely used and very popular Windows based text retrieval system. It is a special combination of database and text retrieval software that enables you to create databases and easily search and share information. DB/TextWorks is the foundation for many of the Inmagic products and offers a great platform to start building your information and knowledge repositories.

Lucidea® DB/TextWorks® gives you the ability to Design, Capture, Share and Protect your data.


DB/TextWorks® offers powerful and effective tools for creating and interfacing with data.

  • Easy Textbase creation and management: setting up and managing your own text bases is a breeze.
  • Drag-and-drop Form Design: it offers complete customisation of your interface forms and reports.
  • Scripting: Javascript and VB scripting allows you to further customize your query and menu screens.


DB/Text is used globally in libraries, archives and elsewhere to capture a wide variety of data.

  • Built-in or customised screens: create your own or use the default capture screens for easy an efficient data entry.
  • Wide variety of data types: capture anything from full text pdf reports to CD’s, sheet music or archived data.

View and Share

Knowledge is best when shared.

  • Create your own, or use the default query and report screens, to view your data.
  • Distributed information: share your data over a network. With the Lucidea® DB/Text® Web Publisher Pro add-on (sold separately) you can publish your text base on your website or intranet. You can also edit records in a browser window.

Protect your data

DB/Text is a well trusted and tested platform and offers different levels of data protection.

  • Build in user authentication: assign passwords and restrict access to sensitive information
  • Reliable: Lucidea DB/Text is a trusted platform used by thousands around the world.


Lucidea® DB/Text® Web Publisher Pro
  • Publish your query, edit and report screens on an intranet or the world wide web. Read more...
SALIB - Library Module
  • We did all the work for you with the SALIB - Library Module. The module gives you all the functionality you need to run your library. With cataloguing, loans, orders and serial management modules that fit nicely together there is no need for duplication. Your records will move seamless from Orders to Catalog to Loans. You can also use the Marc Transformer to do copy cataloguing. The library module allows for flexibility to manage all kinds of documentation such as electronic files, images, and e-books. The output function allows you to create statistical reports for any of your library functions eg. Loan statistics and cataloguing statistics. Read more...
  • Streamline your stocktaking with the Stocktake Module. With a cordless scanner and our stocktake module, all you need to do is go to the shelf and scan the barcodes. The barcodes are scanned directly into the stocktake screen and with the click of a button you will have your report. Read more...
customised solutions:
  • Mindex offers specialised customised solutions on a case by case bases for DB/Text.


Mindex offers on-site and remote demonstrations for all products at no cost.

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