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The SALIB is an advanced South African version of the Library Module. This product combines the benefits of a ready-to-use library application with the ability to modify and adapt the software to your own needs.

Library funcitons on your desktop or the web

  • No Network or internet required: You can use it on a single user PC without a network if needed.
  • User it over the web: If you use SALIB in combination with the DB/Text Webpublisher, you can publish your textbase on the Web and do some cataloguing and searching over a Web interface. However, certain library functions like the lending, ordering and serials management will only be accessible via the desktop.

All the work's already done

Ready designed Web forms and search screens, makes it easy to publish your Catalog on your Intranet or the Web when used with DB/Text® WebPublisher.

Key Library Features

Some of the core functionality includes.

SALIB allows you to index all kinds of documents, like PDF files, Word documents, Power point presentations etc. and launch them by just clicking the link.

Key Library Features

Some of the core functionality includes:

  • Ordering
  • cataloguing
  • managing serials
  • lending materials
  • searching
  • printing catalog cards
  • overdue notices and reports,
  • and sending reports/memos to library users via e-mail.


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