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Lucidea® Presto is a knowledge management platform that pulls together all your information needs, including 3rd party data sources. It is typically used to manage a variety of information source types in an integrated manner. It is fully web-based and completely customisable.

Most popular features

  • Exceptional search capabilities.
  • Easy and flexible homepage design with the ability to add RSS Feeds and Notifications.
  • Drag and drop design functionality for web pages.
  • SharePoint: If you already have a SharePoint platform, you can build on it by integrating with Presto.
  • Federated searches by searching simultaneously across DB/Text and multiple third part databases.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • You do not require IT to do your development work.

Information discovery

  • Faceted search: Presto uses familiar search techniques to narrow down search results and help you discover information.
  • Optimized formatting: Search results are displayed in an optimal layout that suits different types of content.
  • Personalising your search experience by saving searches in your cart and setup your own feeds.

Styling and customisation

  • Sharing: sharing can be done by downloading into various formats or emailing.
  • Commenting: commenting on information can add valuable contributions.
  • Rate: Users can rate information to evaluate its usefulness

Mindex services and add-ons

  • We offer training to get you up and running.
  • Customisation: Our web experts can assist you to create and customize your Presto interfaces.
  • Installation: We can install and integrate your Presto platform with your existing environment and external data sources


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