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Lucidea® DB/Text® WebPublisher PRO

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Publish your data to the web using Lucidea® DB/Text® WebPublisher PRO. It is installed under Internet Information Server to enable access to the DB/Text databases from a browser and fully XML enabled; no programming needed!

DB/Text® WebPublisher PRO gives you the ability to Create, Deploy, Customize, Search and Maintain your data and interfaces on the web.


Become a web developer without having to learn any programming.

  • Create and design with ease: With DB/Text interface it is easy to create search and report screens for the web. Ne developer skills necessary.
  • Straight forward deployment: Using DB/Text you can easily deploy your search screens and report screens to the web.


  • Search and display records on the web using the forms in your DB/Text database.
  • Superfast searches on the web: WebPublisher PRO performs keyword searches through a million records in under a second.


  • Access Multimedia files: Launch files like PDF, Wav, Power Point presentations, images etc from the web.
  • Reporting options: You can create multiple views for the same data, e.g. tabular or bibliographic views.
  • Link to external sources: You have the ability to use e-mail and URL links. Ideal to connect to e-books of external websites.


  • Capture data via the web: Create capture screens that will allow you or your clients to capture via the Web interface which is ideal for knowledge bases.


  • Customize with HTML: You can further customize all your pages using HTML and CSS to fit into your website’s look and feel.
  • Integrate: XML publishing enables programmers and IT professionals to customize your web content or integrate it with other systems.


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